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Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials

We’ll help you source packaging materials necessary for your product.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

From commodities to miscellaneous ingredients, we’ll help you cut direct material costs.

Master Distributor Program

Master Distributor Program

We’ll help you consolidate shipments for a more efficient supply chain.

    The Provident Advantage

    We understand that you already have an internal procurement team, but having an outside, objective view can only help. Plus, we won’t charge you for an analysis of your current spend so there’s really no reason not to call us. The difference between Provident and your internal team is our reputation with suppliers, our focus, and our experience. Spend management and strategic sourcing take up 100% of our time, therefore making us a part of your team sends a signal to suppliers that you are conducting a fair, open, and professional inquiry into sourcing options. Our history of savings, with both incumbents and new sources, is something no internal team has. Together, with both your team’s knowledge of your products and needs and our strategic approach, your company will end up with a sourcing strategy that best positions you for the future.

    What Our Clients Say


    Corporate Purchasing Manager, Hormel Foods

    Hormel Foods has worked with Provident Spend Management for many years and continues to do so. The Provident personnel are very professional and thorough. The result of this relationship is one reason why Hormel Foods has continued to be successful.

    Enjoy Life

    CEO, Enjoy Life Foods

    Everyone I have come in contact with at Provident has been very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They have shown that they have the capability to not only reduce our material costs through a more comprehensive purchasing process, but also the ability to take on one-off projects that can have a material positive effect on our business.

    Blommer Chocolate

    Account Executive, Blommer Chocolate

    I have worked with Provident Spend Management for many years. Provident Spends’ employees are extremely professional, with a focus on improving a customer’s overall bottom line. This goal is achieved with an excellent understanding of the commodity markets, and a focused and organized approach to locking in raw material costs, when a good opportunity presents itself. The employees of Provident pride themselves on their communication, and working, as a team, with their customers!

    EC Sourcing

    Co-Founder, EC Sourcing Group

    Working with the team from Provident Spend Management since the early 2000’s has been a very positive, rewarding experience. Their expertise in Strategic Sourcing and procurement in general has helped us to enhance our eSourcing solutions as well as helped several of our clients execute better, more effective strategic sourcing projects. In fact, we rely on Provident’s expertise when we add new major functionality to our solutions.

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