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Packaging Material Sourcing

Packaging Material Sourcing focuses on the packaging your customers touch as well as the packaging it is shipped in. It is often your business’s first impression and often plays a critical role in food safety, so we understand how important it is to you. That’s why we have an entire department dedicated to packaging sourcing.

food product cartons on store shelvesProvident specializes in providing packages to companies in the food and beverage industry.
We have extensive experience with corrugated shippers, folding cartons, and flexible film packaging providing us detailed knowledge we then use for your advantage. We don’t have relationships with specific suppliers, however the majority of suppliers know Provident. Working with Provident cues suppliers that their proposal will be given fair and serious consideration, resulting in more optimal proposals we can recommend to your procurement team.

Helping you cut costs is only part of what we do.
Our sourcing process will help to evaluate the quality of each supplier and their products in regards to your company’s specific needs. The final choice of whom to work with is always up to you – we would never presume to know a business’s needs more than it’s own employees. Once a decision is made, we’ll determine with you how to best communicate business awards.

Strategic sourcing is more than making sure the right materials are delivered when you need them. It’s also about adding value to your products and making sure your company is positioned at the right mix of price and services. Complete the form and let’s discuss your options further.

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