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Core Services.

Strategic Sourcing of Packaging and Ingredients

Provident Spend Management is much more than just an extension of your Procurement function. We have the expertise, experience and tools/processes necessary to deliver outstanding results when it comes to sourcing your materials in the marketplace.

Our ultimate goals are to:

  • Collect as much information and data as possible about the current state of your purchasing and supply chain.
  • Conduct fair and comprehensive market reviews.
  • Provide comprehensive analysis of possible outcomes and recommendations.
  • Assist you in strategies, negotiations and ultimate award decisions that match you up with the right suppliers.
  • Ensure that award decisions are executed and followed throughout the life of the agreement.


The Provident Advantage

  • Flexible Films: Rollstock, Stand-Up Pouches, Pre-formed Bags
  • Corrugated: RSC, D/C, Pads/Sheets, Specialty Items
  • Cartons: Sealed End, Auto-Bottom, L-Board, Specialty Items
  • Labels: Pressure Sensitive, Cut & Stack, Roll Fed
  • Multi-Wall Bags: PVSE, SOS, Others
  • Flexible Films
  • Corrugated
  • Cartons
  • Rigid Plastics
  • Resins
  • Metals
  • Commodity Categories Meats, Sweeteners, Flour, Sugar, Starch, Cocoa, Dairy, Fats and Oils
  • Specialty Categories Nuts, Hydrocolloids, Spices, Vegetables, Food Chemicals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Botanicals, Casings
  • Complex CategoriesSeasonings, Flavors, Blends
  • Specialty Programs – Master Distributor, Ingredients 3.0
Web Based Sourcing Platform

Customized web platform serves as repository for all elements of sourcing project, including RFI, RFQ, analytics, contact information and communications. The Provident Sourcing Platform is without equal in terms of ease of use, its capture of spend metrics and communications, (un)limitation on number of items, suppliers, currencies or languages. It is simply the best.

Sourcing Project Time Management

Focused, experienced resources – enabled by web-based sourcing platform – allow delivery of sourcing results in shortest possible time frame. Our experience and focus deliver results in the shortest time frame – typically 90 days or less.

Post Award Cost Management

Comprehensive cost review, formulaic methodology for dealing with underlying raw material cost changes. Provident can deliver unprecedented cost reduction today and also provide stringent cost management going forward.

Case Studies

Additional Services:

Procurement Diagnostic

Provident’s Procurement Diagnostic can assist in identifying and prioritizing areas of spend improvement. We look at spend data and history, current market drivers, sourcing processes and practices, supply agreements and pricing structures, among other factors, to compile our assessment.

Advisory Services

Provident is up to speed on a variety of commodity markets because we are sourcing materials in these categories all year round. If you are looking for advice on coverage, timing, market outlooks, etc. Provident can assist you at the frequency you desire.

Analytical Support

Provident’s Analysts can assist your team of buyers with Strategic Sourcing Events of any size. The time you will save on collecting/organizing data, setting up projects, and analyzing proposals can instead be spent evaluating suppliers, negotiations and implementation. Provident utilizes a highly-efficient and dynamic web-based Sourcing Platform,, to manage all sourcing projects.

Supply Chain/Product Launch Assistance

If you are a startup company or have a new product to launch, Provident can assist in a number of ways. We can help hire the right personnel, contact the right suppliers for all components, and setup all necessary functions (Co-Packers, logistics, etc.) to get your product to market as fast as possible. Our vast knowledge of the supply base and all necessary steps and procedures to follow will ensure that you enter the marketplace the right way at the lowest possible cost.

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