Global Pouch West Highlights

Logo for Global Pouch West conference

Last week we headed to sunny Orange County for the Global Pouch West conference. It was two full days of understanding the current situation and up-coming innovations of the industry. We were impressed by the speakers and came away with more insights then we can handle. Here’s our top takeaways.


  • Film is the largest growing package segment. Pouches alone will have sales of $10 billion world wide in 2016. Not surprising, considering film extends self-life beyond folding carton’s capabilities. On top of that, stand-up, resealable pouches are drawing a price premium. Even for products with the same volume, shoppers are more likely to purchase the option in a stand-up pouch over a bag. They can easily see the item, it is more convenient to store, and most pouches have resealable/zipper features.
  • Millennial families are driving pouch growth. Wal-Mart’s Senior Director of Packaging, Ron Sasine talked about millennial moms and what’s affecting their purchasing habits. Much of it deals with the appearance and associations of product packaging – it needs to be functional, keep the product fresh and flavorful, and connect with a shopper’s values and social patterns. Pouches, with their resealable technology, are leading the way in gathering millennial attention.
  • Pouches are not eco-friendly. And the problem is serious enough Sasine asked for suppliers to fix it before the industry is punished for it. Recycling quotas are on the rise as environmental concerns fill the public mind, but film is notoriously hard to recycle. Sumeet Kumar of MonoSol talked about a wonderful innovation – water soluble film. It’s already being used for dishwashers and laundry, but Kumar went on to talk about other uses. We were highly interested in using it to package ingredients, it could potentially eliminate product contamination.

All in all, pouches are on the rise. They have a few hurdles to overcome, but we’re not worried. Through both our packaging sourcing and packaging innovation services we keep in close contact with suppliers and we know who is leading the market in different capacities. If you are interested in learning how we can help you leverage pouch packaging, or if you are a supplier eager to tell us how you can assist our clients, don’t hesitate to contact us.