2016 Flavor Trends

2016 is just around the corner, but Food Business News has already reported on trends in food flavor for next year. Goodbye sweet stuff and hello savory tastes.

There’s a few we’re excited about. Switchels are a tasty return to America’s colonial roots and we love the fact they’re made with honey or maple syrup. Savory, often salty yogurt has also been been showing up more in stores thanks to a trend of American consumers branching out to sample global cuisines. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a great mid-day snack. Following that thought, Hawaii’an cuisine has been popping up in cities. Our recent trip to California has lead to a love of poké.

All of these new options are part of a growing trend that’s been building for a few years – a shift away from sugary foods to healthier, more varied flavors. Even ice creams have joined in – Oddfellows has created miso cherry, prosciutto mellon, and edamame options.

It’s not just savory flavors that are going to be filling the shelves next year, it’s tailored combinations of them. And you can bet the companies who come up with the best ones will be leading the charge in 2017.

What new taste boundaries will be pushed we can’t say. Regardless of the new product paths your company takes, Provident can be your partner in developing new packaging or optimizing packaging and ingredient costs across all your product lines. Think of us as that extra ‘ingredient’ that you look to for spicing up both products and profits.