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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing is driven by reducing costs, as much as streamlining all aspects of your sourcing function. Our approach is dynamic and all-inclusive and starts with a spend analysis to ensure the benefit is more comprehensive and long-term than simply reducing expenses. Our team lives in the purchasing world daily. That up-to-the-minute insight is the kind of perspective our clients rely on to develop the right kind of supplier relationships, at the right price while improving quality and service. Learn More


Packaging Innovation

Innovative packaging can increase sales & market share, help meet sustainability goals and reduce expenses. Our award winning “concept-to-commercialization” approach is designed to deliver disruptive innovations by considering all aspects of packaging including design, materials, cost, process and the supply chain. This result is a final product delivered on time, that achieves the highest standard of functionality, safety, performance and price. Learn More


Provident Comparison

Find out how we differentiate from in-house procurement resources:prov-matrix-thumb

Our Clients


The Provident Team responded quickly and executed a thorough process that included current as well as new potential sources of supply. The results of their efforts provided immediate value that exceeded my expectations. – Ronald E. Rhoades, President/CEO, Plastic Container Corporation

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